Nikki Ferrell Defends Juan Pablo Galavis, Relationship on Instagram

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Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis have been through the wringer, but have come out happier - and lasted longer as a couple - than a lot of people expected.

Still, as with any famous couple (especially one in which one half has proven to be a douche at times), there will be critics on the Internets. In droves.

Nikki has chosen to address the haters head on.

Offering some fighting words after a fan on Instagram questioned her happiness and her relationship, Ferrell is not going to sit back and take it anymore.

Despite the fact that he may not have said "I love you" after all, she clearly feels this catch is worth hanging onto - and defending in a public forum.

Apparently, the winner of The Bachelor, often seen as submissive, can be quite fired up when defending her man from the duo's many detractors.

Like Desiree Hartsock often did after her engagement to Chris Siegfied, Nikki posted an inspirational quote as a thinly-veiled message to her critics:

Nikki 'Gram

One of Nikki's followers did not buy it one bit and posted: "Honey, watchin soccer and eating cheetos w juany pabs AINT gonna make you happy."


Nikki Ferrell wasn't pleased, responding: "Hm weird those happen to be 3 of my absolute favorite things. Thanks for playing though. Better luck next time."


The gut reaction is to think she should not even respond and simply ignore the haters. But it's hard to do that for anyone, especially in their position.

Think she'll have the last laugh in the end, though? Or will the critics be proven correct in that this will never work and she could do a lot better in life?

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