Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: The New Team Arrives

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Abby introduced her new team on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 16, an obvious move after her "old" team won 13 straight events before losing one.

Hey, the best or nothing, right?

That's Abby Lee Miller for you though. It's the 100th episode of the Lifetime hit, a cause for celebration on how far the whole team has come together.

Or not. You wouldn't watch Dance Moms online if there were no tension, right? Of course not. So why not shake things up after a jarring defeat?

New Team Dancers

The new team enters and Abby thinks they look like the original. Not really, but you can cut the tension with a knife as Maddie is told to join the new team.

They will go to Youngstown, Ohio for Energy Dance. The old team will perform "Royal." The new team will perform "The Good Life." Oh it is ON Now.

In the moms' room, Kira is still visibly upset about Tracy's presence, Christy attacks Melissa and so on. These people are flat out crazy. The end.

In the parking lot, the new moms ask about Abby Lee Miller and her teaching style. Boy are they in for a rude awakening after they get that answer.

At a pre-competition moms' party of sorts, the new moms hit the bar but without Christy, while the "old" moms arrive at the same bar with Melissa.

So. Awkward.

Abby gives a "pep talk" to both groups and as the girls prepare, Abby seeks to fuel the burning fire between Kira and Tracy. Couple of fierce competitors.

The duet seems to go well. Then Cathy appears - she doesn't have a team but wants to know why Abby has two in a clearly staged, useless cameo.

Kamryn goes first in the solos with a with a ballet theme dance. Next is Chloe who is nervous and Abby thinks may choke, but she doesn't. She owns it.

Abby wants to see if the original team can win without Maddie, while Tracy has a full-on panic attack. The groups perform and both are near flawless.

In the solos, Kamryn gets third and Chloe first. Kalani and Kendall take third and the new team second. In the small groups, the old team gets second.

The new team gets first. Abby is thrilled. She congratulates the new team and is STOKED about having two new competition teams. Cue the drama.

What did you think of Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 16? What do you think will transpire next week at the reunion? Share your comments below!

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