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Taylor Swift is back to being awesome.

Fresh off a couple memorable appearances at children’s hospitals, spending hours with young cancer patients in New York City and Rhode Island, Swift shocked a young woman in Ohio over the weekend.

At her bridal party!

On Sunday, the multiple-time Grammy winner stopped by Gena Gabrielle’s pre-wedding festivities and posed for a number of photos with the bride-to-be.

“I had no idea it was going to happen,” Gena told Today. “[Taylor] said she planned it with her management and her mom. She said it was all worth it because my face was priceless.”

Gabrielle first met Taylor at a 2007 meet and greet and posted several shots from their latest encounter on Instagram.

Swift – who also made a cameo on Saturday Night Live this weekend – even brought the guest of honor a KitchenAid stand mixer. Taylor may not be getting married any time soon, but she’s all about wedding etiquette.

“I will never forget she did this for me,” Gena told Today. “She is truly an incredible, special person.”