Conan O'Brien Shows "Dick Pic" To Channing Tatum at MTV Movie Awards

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Conan O'Brien hosted the 2014 MTV Movie Awards last night and he made clear from the start that the show wouldn't be some stodgy Oscars-style formal affair.

Conan the Host
Chan the Man

Instead of cueing up the orchestra to let winners know their speeches were going on too long, O'Brien used a more NSFW method of letting celebs know when its time to "wrap it up."

Conan promised to flash a "dick pic" on the teleprompter to get long-winded speakers off stage and he delivered on his threat...much to the chagrin of Channing Tatum.

Channing was on stage to accept the annual Trailblazer Award (whatever that is) and as he expressed heartfelt gratitude to his fans, the Magic Mike star suddenly stopped his speech dead and reported:

"I'm getting the dick pic, guys. I got the dick pic. I gotta go."

Sure enough, the camera revealed Conan showing the world that the carpet matches the ginger drapes. Channing and the home audience were treated to a larger-than-life selfie of Conan in a shirt jacket and tie...with no pants.

Thankfully, Little Conan was blurred out in the MTV broadcast, but Channing reportedly saw the real deal.

That'll get anyone off stage in a hurry.

Just think if he'd shown these ...

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