Lily Allen Denies Mockery of Beyonce, Lashes Out at Haters

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It was not a good weekend to be Beyonce Knowles.

First, Bill O'Reilly slammed the singer as an awful role model, saying Beyonce is part of the pregnancy problem among teenage girls due to her provocative music videos.

And then Lily Allen took to the stage at GAY nightclub in London, seemingly making fun of Beyonce while lip-syncing the track "Drunk in Love."

As you can see here, Allen dons a blonde wig and black bikini while having her hair doused with water, even using a Jay Z impersonator to simulate Beyonce’s Grammy performance.

But was she paying tribute to Queen Bey or making fun of the superstar?

"Only one person can tell you what my intentions are, and that would be me,” Allen Tweeted in response to critics.

She continued: "Each time I play GAY I do a cover in drag. 1st time I did Dorothy, last time Britney, [this time] Queen Bey. Why do people jump to conclusions."

Allen eventually tired of the online debate, but concluded:

"I wasn’t mocking Beyoncé, like I wasn’t dissing anyone on #SHEEZUS , this is so f—ing boring."

Ah yes, Sheezus. That was the title Allen gave an earlier album, leading many to believe she was having fun at the expense of Kanye West.

Let no one ever call Lily Allen uncreative at least.

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