Kelly Osbourne Defends Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus: Give 'Em a Break!

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Kelly Osbourne is on Team Miley Cyrus and Team Justin Bieber.

In a wide-ranging interview with HoffPo TV, the Fashion Police co-anchor touched on the criticism often aimed in the direction of these young stars and labeled it "unfair."

"When I was 16, all of a sudden I was one of the most famous 16-year-olds in the entire world. And it happened overnight - and there wasn’t Twitter then,” said Osbourne. “Every teenager deserves to make a mistake and act out and learn from them."

Lisa Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Baby Minnie, and Ozzy Osbourne

Bieber and Cyrus have certainly made their share of mistakes.

The Justin Bieber DUI arrest changed the perception of many when it comes to this artist, while Miley Cyrus topless photos are almost more common these days than Miley Cyrus clothed photos.

"How can they learn from their mistakes if there’s always somebody there trying to fix it for them and no one actually trying to help them?" Kelly asks. "When it comes to Justin Bieber, I find it really unfair, and I think people need to give the kid a break."

As for Miley?

"I'm proud of her because whether you agree with what she does or not, she stands by her guns and she’s not fake."

It's hard to take anyone with a half-shaved head too seriously... but Osbourne does make a very strong point there.

She's also been in the shoes of these celebrities.

"When anyone goes through a big change in their life, the media looks for something to be wrong,” says the former reality star. "This year, I’ve apparently had a cocaine addiction, and been to fat rehab and all of this stuff. And I sit there and I’m like, ‘you can’t even print this because none of its true.'"

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