Kanye West: Three-Hour Spoken Word Album In The Works

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Kanye West has always pushed the boundaries of hip hop music, but for his next project Yeezus has decided to drop the "music" part altogether.

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Yes, if you're a fan of beats, melodies or other things that make Kanye's obnoxious boasting tolerable, you may want to skip his as-yet untitled eighth studio album, which will reportedly consist of three hours of Kanye talking.

Three. Hours. Of Kanye. Just talking.

What will 'Ye talk about, you ask? Everything, of course!

"He has very strong views on everything from music and art to politics and the environment," says a source close to the production, adding, "Kanye loves the sound of his own voice."

In other news, water has been found to be wet and the Pope is apparently a Catholic.

Evidently, Kanye's three weddings aren't enough of an annoying statement of self-importance.

So, if when you're at a party, you like to seek out the most arrogant, opinionated loudmouth in the room and listen to him babble on for hours, you're sure to love Kanye's new album!

It's all of the ego you can possible fit in one album with none of that pesky music getting in the way. If we're really lucky, maybe he'll throw in a nasally cameo from his fiancee.

After all, the latest Kim Kardashian music video has been a huge hit online. 


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