13 Best Kanye West Rants of All Time. OF ALL TIME!!!

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Kanye West has a slight temper problem. He also has an ego problem and a bitterness problem and a ranting problem.

And we're so very glad for it! Relive the rapper's craziest speeches and diatribes now.

1. Kanye West Rant: RESPECT ME!

Kanye West is at it again. He rants away here during a concert in New Jersey, calling out a supposedly racist media.

2. Kanye West Goes Off: SHUT THE EFF UP!

It's time for another epic Kanye West rant! The rapper blows up here at a couple radio hosts and keep telling folks to "SHUT THE F-CK UP!"

3. Kanye West: Ranting in Toronto

Kanye West GOES OFF to a crowd in Toronto in this video. It's a classic, awesome rant.

4. Kanye West: I'm Akin to a Cop!

Kanye West believes he is just like a cop. Because his life is in danger on stage every night.

5. Kanye West: Boycott Louis Vuitton!

Kanye West has a message for folks in New York. He tells them in this rant to boycott Louis Vuitton.

6. Kanye West Compares Self to Slave

How is Kanye West like a slave? We have no idea. But he's the one who said it.

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