Mom Beats Daughter For Sharing Racy Photos, Posts Video on Facebook

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When a 12-year-old girl posted racy photos of herself on Facebook, her mom was upset. So she beat her HARD and posted a video of THAT on Facebook:

This was not your run-of-the-mill beating, either.

Helen Bartlett whipped her offspring with a strap for several minutes, causing the video to go viral and spark a heated debate over corporal punishment.

Some viewers support the mom's actions, while others are appalled, for obvious reasons - and this isn't even the full-length video she put online.

You can see the uncensored version Barlett shared - and has no regrets about. She says she is "prepared to go to jail" to set her "problem child" straight.

She says she beat her daughter for posting underwear photos and sexting, and did it to keep her off the streets and stop her from getting pregnant.

Noble goals, to be sure ... but seriously?

Perhaps most amazingly, a few days after this went up, the 12-year-old and her older sister put up their own video, in which they defended their mom.

They said she was a good mother who just wanted to protect them, reassuring viewers that her mom loves her and she has no intention of killing herself.

She hasn't, however, been back to school.

Since the video of the beating went viral last week, her mother says she fears being made fun of there and getting bullied ... how's that for irony?

In her video, the 12-year-old said, "I am very sorry for bringing shame on you and the family. I know you love me dearly. And I love you dearly, too."

You be the judge ... right or wrong?!

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