Juan Pablo Galavis: Cheating on Nikki Ferrell with Lena Lowell?!

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After The Bachelor ended last month, Juan Pablo Galavis received a lot of heat when he didn't propose or even tell winner Nikki Ferrell he loved her.

Not only that, he proceeded to act like a complete douche when questioned about his decisions, as if he'd never signed up to star on The Bachelor.

Despite all that, the two have seemed relatively happy since (rumors that he got Nikki Ferrell pregnant and ditched her notwithstanding) ... UNTIL NOW?!

The single dad is reportedly galavanting around Miami with sexy realtor Lena Lowell, 27, taking her to the Sony Open tennis tournament in Key Biscayne.

“Juan Pablo and [Lena] chatted, smiled and shared food,” an eyewitness said. “They spent so much time interacting, he barely paid any attention to the tennis.”

At one point, he even put his arm around the young attractive blonde, while at the same time "nervously checking his phone every ten minutes.”

Nervous that some cameraman was about to publicly bust Juan Pablo cheating?

Galavis and Lowell could just be friends, obviously, but the eyewitness added:

“If I were Nikki, I’d be livid when I found out where he’d been, and with whom."

Eh, she has a high threshold for putting up with crap and being strung along.

Is it even cheating if they're in a "long-distance" relationship and all he says is "I like you a lot"? Bet you he doesn't think so, even if Nikki believes it is.

Clearly Ferrell was unfazed, reuniting with her man at the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City last weekend for an event he was hosting.

An event where someone threw a drink in his face and called him a douche before being escorted out by security in a move that made a lot of fans smile.

No, it wasn't Clare Crawley ... although she would appreciate the effort ...

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