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Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are trying to look the part of a happy couple, but behind the scenes, things are reportedly rockier than they seem.

While they’re attending a friend’s wedding in the Dominican Republic and posting cute pics to Instagram, the two are already having serious issues.

Specifically (big surprise here) his commitment to the relationship!

When they first met up in L.A. before The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special last week, Nikki asked Juan Pablo point blank if he had cheated on her.

Since the reality show finished filming in November, they’d effectively been apart for a few months. Naturally, Juan Pablo “wouldn’t even answer her.”

Instead, he reportedly kept changing the subject. ESSS OKAY!

Also, according to reports, whenever the controversial Bachelor’s phone rang, he would leave the room to take the call, then “refused” to tell Nikki who called.

Then, after the After the Final Rose special, the couple “did not spend the night together,” according to reports … pretty stunning and yet not at all.

Nikki Ferrell supposedly wanted to spend the night with her man, but he wasn’t into it for unknown reasons, so they stayed in separate hotel rooms.

These reports are unconfirmed, but the insinuation that Juan Pablo Galavis hasn’t beent faithful to Nikki for the last four months, and isn’t into her now?

It’s not exactly far-fetched from what we’ve seen of him so far:

If they’re only just starting now, it’s not a stretch to think that he didn’t consider this to be a monogamous relationship before that … if he even does at all.

Do you think Juan Pablo Galavis even gave Nikki Ferrell any sort of promise of a “relationship”? Or that he has any intention of being a one-woman man?

Tell us in the comments and by voting in our survey below:

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell: Will it last?