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Nikki Ferrell is pregnant and getting abandoned by Juan Pablo, according to one celebrity gossip tabloid. Gotta be rough for the winner of The Bachelor.

Life & Style’s new report may or may not be completely bogus, of course, and is clearly buoyed by the undeniable fact that Juan Pablo is a douche.

Universally derided as the worst Bachelor ever, his stock tanked so hard this year that almost any negative story about him would seem plausible.

Still … Nikki Ferrell pregnant? Is anybody buying that?

She certainly doesn’t look it (above, right), but the magazine claims she’s told Juan that she’s expecting, as a “fake relationship turns all too real.”

Well played, In Touch. Or at least well written.

Apparently, Juan Pablo “I like you a lot” Galavis still hasn’t told Nikki Ferrell he loves her, and she’s terrified that he’ll abandon her … not a bad guess.

Ask Carla Rodriguez. Just sayin’.

While Juan Pablo seems like he puts in the money and time to take care of daughter Camila, how will another kid with his fake non-fiance go over?

Not well, we’re guessing.

Fortunately, he likely has nothing to worry about. We can’t see him having another accident that would cut into his flirtations and flings with other women.

Again. Just sayin’.

Will it last?