Goonies 2: Actually Coming Soon!

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For anyone who grew up in the 80s, the mere mention of The Goonies unleashes a tidal wave of nostalgia and memorable quotes ("Baby Ruth?").

Now director Richard Donner is hoping that a sequel to the beloved adventure film will pack a new generation into theaters.

Goonies Poster

Nearly 30 years after the release of the first film, The Goonies 2 is a go according to Donner. When asked if he would ever direct another comic book film (Donner directed the original Superman film) the director replied, "If you call Goonies a comic book, we're doing a sequel."

Okay, so Donner seems a little confused about the definition of "comic book" but it's exciting news, nonetheless.

The original Goonies has achieved fill-blown cult hit status in the decades since its release and the Steven Spielberg-produced film remains a favorite for pre-teens and their parents alike. 

Now that Donner has confirmed that a sequel will happen, only one question remains - will he be able to reunite the original cast?

Corey Feldman has already expressed misgivings, stating that the script would need to be "perfect" in order for him to resume his role as Mouth.

Other stars such as Josh Brolin and Sean Astin have gone on to enjoy successful acting careers and may be hesitant to return to the land of secret caves and hidden treasures.

Of course, even if the entire cast agrees to the film, I think we can all agree it'll be a bust unless the kid who played Chunk can still do the Truffle Shuffle.  

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