Ariana Grande Nude Photos Leak: Real or Fake?

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News of an Ariana Grande nude photo leak rocked Twitter late last night and early this morning, complete with the globally trending #ArianasNudesLeaked.

If the photos were real, it would surely come as a shock, as this is one good girl who you'd never expect to go bad, even in an age of so few surprises.

In any case, pics of an allegedly naked Ariana Grande at the beach, in the shower, at home wrapped around a Kendall Jenner look-alike and more "leaked."

Are they legit?

All you have to do is check the calendar, as this appears to be nothing more than an April Fools Day gag, and not a particularly convincing one at that.

Some of the photos don't even look like her, and what April 1 prank starts March 31? Maybe they were trying to throw us off with the early jump?

Who knows.

Grande herself has yet to address the fake leak on Twitter, and we wouldn't expect her to, as she's typically one to keep her silence on such things.

Interestingly enough, a series of racy Jennette McCurdy photos actually did leak in March in what became a major scandal, or at least mystery.

Don't expect to see McCurdy's Sam & Cat co-star topless online anytime soon, though. And step up your game, pranksters. The day is young.

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