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50 Cent can rest easy, because Rick Ross does not plan on any sort of retaliation after the former’s gay diss on Instagram this week, insiders report.

50 Cent-Rick Ross Diss

Out of the blue, 50 Cent publicly insinuated that record exec Steve Stoute, Rick Ross and Diddy are gay lovers with a series of photos he posted online.

50’s post showed Ross leaning in close to Diddy from a weird angle as if they’re about to kiss, and another shot of Stoute and Diddy hugging in pink shirts.

His caption said, "something ain’t right lol."

He took them down minutes later, but not before word of the diss made it to Ross’ camp. There will be no response, however, for one simple reason:

Rick Ross thinks 50 Cent is irrelevant.

Ross plans to let it slide and focus on making hit records, rather than letting a childish beef with an old enemy he doesn’t care about consume anything.

Taking the high road and passing up a chance to engage in an epic beef? That’s no fun, but it is smart. Kudos, Rick. At least we’ll have these feuds …