Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22 Recap: Di is for Dangerous?

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So much for EzrA.

The A game continued on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22, as a new suspect emerged in the never-ending battle to determine the show's true culprit.

Could it be Mrs. DiLaurentis?

What is the evidence against her? Why does Ezra's manuscript point to Mrs. Di as the enemy?

Well… Spencer's manic questions/confession before she was placed in rehab could have given Alison's mom some information she didn't possess before.

After Spencer came out and said she might have buried Alison, there was dirt in her bed and a threatening note from A. From there, Mrs. Di made a note about Spencer's clean sheets.

Coincidence? Possibly. But the comment did a number on Spencer, that's for sure.

Remember last season, meanwhile? When the game with the map was taken from Radley? Mona said CeCe didn't do it, causing us to wonder if Mrs. Di may have.

So, yes, the signs are there. But Pretty Little Liars loves nothing more than to throw red herrings at its viewers every week. We wouldn't be shocked if we never learn the identity of A.


  • Spencer returned from just three days of detox and was saddled with a drug and alcohol abuse counselor named Dean.
  • She's very worried about the role she may have played in Ali's disappearance.
  • Holbrook questions Hanna about the letter he received from Paige, while Hanna realizes who wrote it when she sees a note Paige left for Emily.
  • Aria visits Syracuse and totally hooks up with a guy there/

You go, girl! And you go, readers, to watch Pretty Little Liars online at TV Fanatic in case you missed this fun episode.

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