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50 Cent majorly pushed the envelope yesterday in his beef with three other powerful rap figures, then beat a hasty retreat after apparently getting cold feet.

On Instagram, he publicly insinuated that Diddy, Rick Ross and former record executive Steve Stoute are gay together … only to delete the pics within minutes.

Afraid of a little retribution, Fiddy? We can’t imagine why for the life of us …

Cuban Link and 50 Cent

Mr. Cent’s two photos featured a pink-shirted Stoute embracing a pink-shirted Diddy, then Diddy and Rick Ross embracing from an angle that suggests kissing.

50 wrote in his caption, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.”

The something that wasn’t right? His stomach after he posted this. LMAO!


Stoute recently appeared in a VH1 documentary about hip hop, in which he called 50 a has-been, while Cent has feuded with Rick Ross and Diddy for years.

Fiddy implied that Rick Ross staged a drive-by attempt on his own life, and has never had love for Diddy, dating back to when his name still had a P in front of it.

So far, no word from the aforementioned, non-gay hip hop trio.