The Originals Season 1 Episode 15 Recap: Father, Time

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Two things burned brightly onĀ The Originals Season 1 Episode 15:

  1. The New Orleans opera house in 1919.
  2. The anger of Klaus Mikaelson.

Indeed, the latest strong installment of this CW drama featured Klaus recovering from his stab wound and vowing revenge against Elijah, Marcel and Rebekah.

He told Cami all about his father and how he was "the monster other monsters were afraid of."

Seriously, Klaus may be a bad dude, but he promised Cami that he wouldn't drag out his stalking of Rebekah. He wouldn't kill hundreds of innocents just to get his vengeance. He wouldn't be in any way like his dad.

He'd simply take his sibling out, plain and simple.

The flashbacks to 1919 once again revealed a significant point about a character, this time driving home just how tortured Klaus is about how he was treated by Mikael, who views his (non) son as nothing more than an "abomination."

In present day, Elijah helped Hayley garner a potion from Celeste that would reverse the spell previously placed on her pack of werewolves - and then Elijah, with help from Sophie's niece, killed Celeste after she returned to her original form.

The exciting hour concluded with Marcel safely rescuingĀ Davina in the hope that she can use her magic to make him and Rebekah disappear... and with Klaus staring down his siblings in a cemetery, white oak dagger in hand.

How will Rebekah get out of this one? Go watch The Originals online at TV Fanatic and sound off now on another excellent episode.

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