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Juan Pablo Galavis’ tribute video to Nikki Ferrell was not the first of its kind. In fact, his ex, Carla Rodriguez, got the same romantic montage treatment in 2009!

The clip, titled “Todo Cambio” (“Everything Changed”) and set to the song of the same name, included intimate photos of Juan Pablo and his baby mama.

Oh, the way they were, Bachelor Nation. The way they were.

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The five-year-old tribute to Carla Rodriguez shows shots of the two lovebirds kissing and sonogram pics as they prepped to welcome their daughter Camila.

Fast forward to 2014 and the aftermath of the controversial Bachelor season finale, and his Nikki Ferrell compilation bears some striking similarities.

Take a look at El Bachelor’s most recent effort after the jump …

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Clearly the epically cheesy YouTube video is his go-to.

Saying "I love you" on television … not so much.

Will Juan Pablo’s Nikki Ferrell tribute video, titled "ADVENTURES IN LOVE," also end with her pregnant, unmarried and eventually broken up with?

Stay tuned, but either way … esss okay!

Juan Pablo and Nikki: Will it last?