Justin Bieber Deposition: What Really Transpired...

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Justin Bieber is misunderstood.

Yes, the artist came across like a complete A-Hole during his deposition in Miami last week, but that's only because we heard an edited version of events.

Fortunately for Beliebers, Seth Meyers got his hands on an undoctored copy of the Q&A - and it all makes a lot more sense now!

Watch now and Justin's answers will come across far less douchey...

Quick, someone show this tape to Selena Gomez's parents!

Perhaps they won't be so opposed to Bieber if they know the truth.

Justin and Selena, of course, appear to be back on track. They hung out late last week in Texas, grabbed some coffee and also some sexy time together during a dance duet that was caught on tape.

Is it getting hot in here... or is it just them?

Bieber, meanwhile, is steaming over the heat he's received for the actual deposition, Tweeting that he was just defending himself and that his fans cannot be broken.

That could be true. Many are still standing by him.

But, come on, JB. How can you defend your answers in these official clips?

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