Chris Harrison on Juan Pablo Galavis: I Still Like the Guy, But ...

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Juan Pablo Galavis’ decisions this season, followed by his comments on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special baffled everyone who saw them.

Especially the man sitting across from him and forced to engage him.

“I had like a pack of Tums and Pepto Bismol. I was just downing it during the show,” Chris Harrison joked to Access Hollywood in a new interview.

“It was an interesting, bizarre ride."

"I know I say this a lot about being dramatic and controversial and all that, but literally, in 12 years, it was the most confusing, bizarre show I’ve ever seen.”

Regarding the most awkward part, when Chris said that Juan Pablo had a surprise, only to have Galavis act like he had no clue what he was talking about?

“Juan Pablo told us in St. Lucia, that [on] ‘After the Final Rose,’ I have a big surprise for you,” Chris said. “He said it to one of our executives at ABC."

"[We said] ‘Wow, OK,’ because we were all a little unsatisfied with the ending and the non-proposal [to Nikki] and the, ‘I like you a lot’ ending to the show."

"But he’s like, ‘Don’t worry. After the Final Rose, I have a big surprise for you,’” Harrison recounted. “We’re like, 'OK, great, maybe he’ll do something big."

Even one day before the taping, he thought the surprise - most likely a proposal to Nikki Ferrell or at least some declaration of love - was still coming.

“Someone got a text, I heard, yesterday, that reiterated, ‘I’m gonna have a big surprise at the show tonight,’ so I thought [it] would at least be, ‘I love you.’”

But when Harrison asked Juan Pablo about the surprise after The Bachelor finale, the star said he didn’t have one, and appeared utterly clueless.

“I think that was the mood he was in,” Chris said. “He was in a defiant, defensive mood.” Why? Who knows. Harrison also blogged about the interview on EW:

"The interview with Juan Pablo and Nikki was just a bit odd. I know it was orchestrated by him to not say how he feels about Nikki. The only thing I can’t figure out is why?"

"It was a rough ride for Juan Pablo this season.the good news is ... it worked! He found a great woman in Nikki and they are in love and happy."

"So of all things to hide I’m not sure why they chose that. I’m not sure what the endgame or goal was in not speaking about his feelings."

"I know it’s something Nikki was very uncomfortable with," Harrison went on, adding "but I think she really felt like she needed to support her man."

"I’m not sure when or where along the way Juan Pablo decided to fight this process, but he certainly did. I was very sorry to see it end like that because it didn’t have to."

"That was a choice made entirely by Juan Pablo."

"I will wrap this up by saying, I’m not angry at Juan Pablo nor do I dislike the guy. Am I often confused and puzzled by his behavior and his thoughts?"

"Absolutely, but that doesn’t anger me. I wish he and Nikki well. I truly hope Juan Pablo especially can find peace somewhere in his life."

"I hope he will see that there are many people around him who love him and are trying to help him, but in the end he must make the choice to listen and let them in."

You tell us: Was JP the worst Bachelor ever?

Will Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell last?

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