Justin Bieber Defends Deposition, Tells Fans: They Can't Break Us!

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Justin Bieber is trying to Tweet himself out of a very ugly situation.

The singer gave a deposition on Thursday in response to a photographer's lawsuit that alleges Bieber orchestrated an attack against him outside a club in Miami.

Throughout four-and-half hours of testimony, Bieber comes across at various times as an entitled, arrogant, rude A-Hole. He mocks the opposing counsel. He flips out at the mention of Selena Gomez. He barely answers questions.

He even curses off a court reporter for simply doing her job.

It's a disgraceful showing all around, but Bieber isn't apologizing for any of it.

"Love how some people love to twist and justify the horrible action of others," Bieber Tweeted after the above videos went viral "We all have a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed."

Bieber then plays the victim card and addresses his fan with the following message:

"They can't break us. They can't get us down. We are too strong. We love too much. #mybeliebers"

Will such a plea work? Will followers continue to stick up for Justin? Or will bearing direct witness to these kinds of words and actions be too much for Justin's fans?

You tell us: With all this now out there, do you still like Justin Bieber?


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