Justin Bieber Deposition Lawyer: Selena Gomez Questions + History of Violence = RELEVANT!

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Selena Gomez-related questions during the recent Justin Bieber deposition that got him so riled up were 100 percent in bounds, according to the guy who posed them.

Attorney Mark DiCowden grilled Justin Friday in Miami as part of the lawsuit filed against the embattled pop star for allegedly attacking a photographer.

Videos and GIFs galore hit the web, showing him acting like the biggest jerk on the planet. See gallery above. There's no defending his douchebag antics.

However, the attorney came under fire for prodding him about Selena Gomez, Bieber's on-off-on-again girlfriend, which the singer REALLY did not care for.

Accused of badgering Bieber and trying to get a rise out of him merely to make him look bad in the case, DiCowden defends his line of questioning as such:

The 20-year-old's predisposition for violence, especially directed at members of the paparazzi, is well known to the people closest to him, including Gomez.

She even witnessed Justin attacking a photographer in May 2012, the lawyer claims, and in bringing up his lady love, he's trying to establish a pattern of behavior.

Justin went nuclear, ripped off his mic, blew up at a court reporter and peaced out of the deposition, raging at the direction the questions were headed in.

DiCowden isn't backing off, though. He's going after Justin's lawyers as well, asking the judge to revoke their right to rep him because they are obstructionists.

Do you agree with his point? Or does Justin have a right to object?

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