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A few days ago, we came up with 13 reasons why we want to (figuratively) punch Justin Bieber.

Then the singer went out, sat down for a deposition in Miami… and gave us about 21 more!

Yes, Beliebers, we’ve come up with that may GIFs of Bieber acting like the world’s most spoiled, arrogant, entitled, rude brat at his legal meeting on March 6, flipping out over Selena Gomez questions and even cursing off a court reporter at one point.

What happened to that charitable model? What happened to that lovable innocent teen?

Are you buying Bieber’s claim that he was being harassed and just exercising his right of self-defense? Or are you simply taken by that wink?

Relive Justin Bieber’s very ugly side, horrifying deposition GIF by horrifying deposition GIF, now: