Justin Bieber Blows Up at Court Reporter, Sucks So Hard

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Another clip from Justin Bieber's horror-filled deposition has hit the Internet.

Earlier today, we posed several snippets of Bieber acting like an arrogant jerk, scoffing at a lawyer who dared to ask him questions and flipping the eff out when the subject of Selena Gomez was broached.

Now, TMZ has posted new footage of Bieber at a court-mandated deposition in Miami.

It features Bieber very reluctantly responding to inquiries in conjunction with a lawsuit filed against him by a beaten-up photographer, barely answering above a whisper and then cursing out a court reporter who dares to ask him to repeat himself.

This is an ugly side of Justin Bieber, folks:

Note to Justin: This poor woman is not the one who sued you, nor is she even the one asking about the lawsuit.

We guess we should be grateful you aren't wearing sunglasses inside, but still. Grow up and show some respect, man.

Watch a number of deposition clips below, each one painting Bieber in a worse and worse light:

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