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Matt Rutler is a lucky man.

While this month is typically associated with St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness, Christina Aguilera, via Twitter, promoted another holiday this week:

Steak and BJ Day.

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"Hope you all cashed in this month on steak & bj Day. If not, celebrate tonight! :)," a pregnant Christina Aguilera tweeted randomly on Friday, March 21.

For those unaware of this special occasion, its goal is precisely what you think it is. The trusted Urban Dictionary defines Steak & BJ Day as such:

"On March 14, Steak and Bl**j** day is a holiday for men, celebrated the month after Valentine’s Day – a holiday for women," reads the dictionary entry.

"The idea is simple: no cards, flowers, candy or other whimsical gifts. Ladies (and gay men), you simply bestow your partner with a steak and a bl**j**."

"Not necessarily in that order."


It also happens to fall on Pi Day, so you could even enjoy some dessert after that steak and … whatever else you have going on. Next year, anyway.

Not that you need to wait until March 14 to celebrate this by any means. It was apparently on Christina’s mind a week later. Good for Matt Rutler.

Good for the soon-to-be mother-of-two, too, getting down like that while knocked up. Hardly a first for her to show her sexy side while pregnant, of course …