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One of the reasons we love Kate Upton, aside from the more obvious reasons, is that the model always loves to have fun and doesn’t take life too seriously.

The 21-year-old, featured in Vogue’s Kim Kardashian cover issue, has a blast dancing with herself – literally, twice over – on the magazine’s website.

Kate Upton Dancing with Kate Upton

What’s her secret to staying happy and fun all the time?

"What I try to do, and it took me a little while to learn, is to only do things I really believe in so that it’s more of a collaboration," Kate Upton explains.

"That way, I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not."

"I’m not putting out this, ‘Look at me! I’m sexy!’ and then feeling like a fake, which would lead to feeling depressed and empty inside," she reveals.

For the most part, her mom and dad "understand … it’s just part of my personality, and maybe some things I took too far, but… I like being sexy."



"I definitely have limits," she says, asked if there’s something she won’t do. "But I never like to say never because I feel like I’m setting myself up.

"There’s a line between becoming, you know, a little cheap and cheesy versus being sexy. And I try to be very careful of that line," says Upton.

We think she’s toeing that line – dancing upon it, even – masterfully so far, and hope that the beauty has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Keep up the good work. She really seems down to earth for someone so young and famous, and our Kate Upton bikini photos gallery speaks for itself.