Pi Day: A Literally Irrational Event to Celebrate on 3.14!

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It's Pi Day, people! As in March 14? 3/14? Get it? Hello? Anyone?!

Mathematics major and book author Danica McKellar (a member of the 2014 Dancing with the Stars cast) is likely geeking out hard today. As should you.

Why? Because Pi, which is really 22/7 but is usually rounded to 3.14, is named after the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter.

It's kind of a big deal mathematical constant!

While we know Pi as 3.14, that's its approximate value. Pi has been calculated to a million-plus digits. It is LITERALLY irrational. And infinite(ly cool).

Here are some great ways to mark this very special Pi Day 2014:

  • Listen to the Pi rap (above), which someone obviously made, because it's the Internet ... and no, it wasn't Danica, though she'd appreciate it.
  • Wish everyone a happy Pi Day just to see if anyone understands gets it. That alone is probably enough to make this Friday a memorable one.
  • Go for a 5K run. 5K = 3.10 miles, which is pretty close to 3.14.
  • Put your lighters in the air at 1:59:26 p.m. (Pi = 3.1415926...)!
  • Celebrate Albert Einstein's birthday too. Sort of appropriate.
  • Practice doodling that cool ass symbol for Pi while on hold.
  • Bake an Apple Pi (or whip up a Pumpkin or Cherry or Strawberry pie recipe or whatever you're into). The wordplay is legendary, it tastes awesome, and pies are circular!!

Check out this epic gallery of Pi Day pies (because PIE!) below ...

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