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Amber Portwood is out of jail, on the straight and narrow and speaking out about her experiences, as well as other Teen Mom alumni she feels are headed for trouble.

COUGH … Jenelle. Cough. Jenelle Evans. Cough, cough!

In an interview with In Touch, Amber shared her advice for Jenelle, whom she fears might follow in her dark footsteps and wind up in a very bad place.

She hasn’t hit rock bottom … yet. But she’s at risk.

Amber Portwood vs. Jenelle Evans

"She went down the exact path I did: unplanned pregnancy, addiction, bad relationships, having custody taken away," Amber says of Jenelle Evans.

"But it’s never too late for Jenelle to turn her life around. Jenelle hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. But if her rock bottom is lower than mine, that makes me scared for her."

Amber Portwood, for all she’s done very, very wrong, seems to own it 100 percent these days, openly acknowledging the myriad mistakes she’s made.


It’s obvious that she hates herself for everything she did and genuinely does not want to see another young mother face the same kind of awful consequences.

You might say it’s not Amber’s place to counsel Jenelle, but in truth, she’s not really judging her as much as she is observing and expressing concern.

If anything, she recognizes the signs that pointing toward the worst, unlike Jenelle, who thinks she has it together … and is quick to chastise Farrah Abraham.

In fact, just this week, Jenelle re-tweeted a fan’s message saying hopefully someday, Farrah will get her act in gear, like Jenelle has. A tad presumptuous, no?

Clearly, Amber makes a point, even if the truth hurts.

Especially with a new baby on the way, Jenelle might want to take heed. She seems to be in a better place lately, but we all know that’s tenuous at best.

One slip-up can spell disaster, and she’s nothing if not unstable emotionally. We’re not dissing her, it’s just the truth. No one can dispute that as a fact.

So listen to someone who’s been there, J, if you know what’s good for you. That way you can keep the recent positivity rolling and not fall back into … this: