Seinfeld Reunion: Actually Just a Super Bowl Ad For Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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The much-talked about "Seinfeld reunion" during Super Bowl XLVIII turned out to be a commercial for Jerry's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series.

That's it. And like Peyton Manning, it didn't really connect with its intended receivers last night, despite the buzz of a Seinfeld cast mini-get together.

If you missed it, take a look at the spot below and see if you agree:

Jerry and George (Jason Alexander), after walking into their familiar coffee shop, discussed a friend's Super Bowl party in a typically banal conversation.

Then who should show up out of the blue but ... NEWMAN!

"Hello, Newman," Jerry says to Wayne Knight.

That was about it for laughs right there.

For all the talk of a "Seinfeld reunion," and all the hilarious potential therein, this never really got off the ground. As a whole, it felt almost mailed in.

The cast has been reluctant to commit to a full-scale reunion for some time, and perhaps we know why: Some things are better left in the past.

As for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, let's hope this isn't an indication of how those webisodes play out over the coming season for Jerry's sake.

As far as ads that did make a lasting impact last night ...