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Chalk it up to one of the biggest Super Bowl blowouts in history? Maybe? Hopefully?

But the following Coca-Cola commercial, which premiered during Seattle’s thrashing  of Denver, is stirring up major controversy online because some critics find it un-American.

The spot features a number of people from different backgrounds singing "America the Beautiful" in different languages, prompting the hashtag #SpeakAmerican to break out on Twitter.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial: It's Beautiful

"Coke having a commercial with an American song in other languages… not cool. Coke. GTFO with that," wrote one hater, while another added:

"Still confused as to why they were singing about America in all those foreign languages in the Coke commercial. We speak English…"


Others, meanwhile, see this commercial as being decidedly American, showcasing how the American Dream is specifically tied to the melting pot of such cultures.

This Cheerios commercial, which features a biracial family, is also blowing up the Twitterverse.

React now to the Coca-Cola ad above. How do you feel about it?