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Breaking Justin Bieber news, folks:

The singer was spotted at an Atlanta nightclub on Monday… and he was NOT drunk!

Justin Bieber: Sober For Once!

According to an E! News source, the artist stopped by Tongue & Groove to help celebrate producer Bangladesh’s birthday, arriving just before 1 a.m. and sticking around for about 90 minutes.


"Justin came in wearing a dark gray hoodie, jeans, a baseball cap and had sunglasses on but pulled down and [was] carrying a Styrofoam cup," the witness says. "He had been working at the studio late and came for the birthday party."

Bieber reportedly turned down a plea deal this week in regard to his DUI arrest and is likely headed to trial.

Bangladesh and his pals ordered five bottles of Dom Perignon and 12 Heinekens for their private table, but this individual says Bieber didn’t imbibe any of the club’s alcohol.

He was "well behaved," according to the onlooker.

Wow. We’re impressed. So peeing in mop buckets of any kind?

"His entourage ordered Cîroc, Jack, and Moët," concluded the insider. "They were hanging out and having a good time. They racked up a $3,000 bill. Everyone was partying, but Justin was definitely in the back almost like he was trying not to be noticed. He was definitely chilling out."

Justin Bieber: Sober For Once!