Justin Bieber Frisked by Police in Miami: Watch Now!

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For the record, no Justin Bieber sex tape exists. Not at the moment anyway.

But that doesn't mean there isn't footage out there of the singer being felt up on video... only the person doing said feeling is a Miami police officer.

Yes, a video has surfaced of Bieber at the police station not long after he was arrested for DUI and drag racing.

Due to the artist's baggy clothing, the law enforcement official asks Justin to remove his sweatshirt in order to do a proper search. So, yes, Justin Bieber shows off his guns down below, ladies.

But only because a cop is curious if he's actually carrying guns...

Bieber, meanwhile, may very well face felony charges for egging his neighbor's house in Calabasas last month.

We're gonna need to update the following photo gallery considerably at some point. What is the matter with this guy?!?


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