Justin Bieber Sex Tape Rumor: Strip Club Romp Alleged in Australia!

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A scandalous Justin Bieber sex tape is rumored to exist, and while we haven't seen any proof of this, would anyone really be surprised at this point?!

Bieber was reportedly caught on camera “spanking” the bare backside of two strippers and “pulling off their panties with his teeth” in the shocking tape.

The 19-year-old pop star was supposedly recorded on surveillance video inside a strip club in Queensland, Australia, during his 2013 tour stop.

Radar claims he is clearly seen with his baseball cap on backwards, sitting a security guard nearby and his two partners in crime, who are topless.

Given the classic Justin Bieber stripper photo from this weekend, in which he and his buddy Khalil are each getting a mouthful, we believe that much.

Kid loves his strip joints, but is there really a "sex tape" story here?

Radar says yes, citing a 12-minute “crystal clear” video of Bieber in compromising positions and "romping with two strippers," spanking them and whatnot.

Even if that is true, and even if it does so public, smacking butts of people you pay to do that to or pulling their panties off with your teeth is not akin to sex.

Nor is it shocking or unusual behavior for Bieber here in 2014. At all.

Now, a sex tape co-starring Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? That would likely fetch millions on the open market. Possibly even into the eight figures.

in any case, the video is being shopped to various media outlets.

Bieber’s trip to Australia on the Believe world tour was mired in controversy when he was caught spraying graffiti the wall of a five-star hotel in Queensland.

He also visited a strip in Sydney’s Kings Cross, but Bieber’s security ensured all pictures taken were deleted from the fans’ phones before exiting the club.

Ironically, on the so-called Justin Bieber sex tape, he was probably unaware he was being recorded, as it was caught on the in-house security camera.

If he had known, he would have at least flipped off the camera.

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