Fifty Shades of Grey Poster: One Year ...

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Fifty Shades of Grey is celebrating Valentine's Day - the one-year mark before the film's 2015 release - with a poster showing us our first glimpse of Ana Steele!

Fifty Shades of Grey Poster: One Year.

In the first Fifty Shades of Grey poster, we saw Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. In that image, the businessman gazes out his office window into the distance.

the tagline: "Mr. Grey will see you now."

Here, we also see Christian from the back, only he's turned to face Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), his soon-to-be paramour and S&M plaything.

The highly-anticipated film adaptation of E.L. James' novel hits theaters on Valentine's Day weekend next winter. A long wait, but good timing for such an event.

Take a look at the first poster below:

Fifty Shades of Grey Poster

Johnson said in an interview this week that preparing for the role has been boring (seriously), but that's just for the early stages of her English major character.

As we all know, she falls hard for Christian Grey, as they embark on a hard core, domineering relationship ... which has been the subject of debate.

Just how true to the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy the films could impact how pleased the diehard fans are, as well as how many people pay to see it.

Will they tone down the book for the sake of an R or even PG-13 rating? Or go all in for the NC-17 50 Shades sex-fest some readers are dying for?

Tell us what you think would make for the best movie below ... then click to scroll through a bunch of pics of Jamie Dornan shirtless because obviously:

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