Jamie Dornan Naked: Coming to Fifty Shades of Grey, NC-17 Edition!

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Jamie Dornan is going all out in the role of Christian Grey. The 31-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey star will go full-frontal for the film, according to reports.

E.L. James' novel was already the most uncomfortable thing you've ever had to discuss with your mom. Now the movie is ready to up the awkwardness tenfold.

Then again, you really can't blame the man, or the producers.

Christian Grey spends a lot of time naked, so it’s no surprise that Jamie Dornan will strip down during his time in the Red Room of Pain. No holds barred.

Co-star Dakota Johnson will be nude quite often, as well.

It's Christian who fans care about, though, and in casting the role, producers realized that fans want the movie to be just as erotic as the book that inspired it.

They shall have their wish, as Dornan will deliver.

He's spoken in the past about wanting to make the sex scenes as realistic as possible, believing that it's essential in order for the movie to connect.

We like the way this man is thinking, don't you?

“Fifty Shades of Grey producers know they have to make the screen version just as steamy as the novel to make it a success,” a source said of the film.

“They can’t turn it into a Disney movie.”

Not if they want to sell any tickets, at least ... but on that subject, producer Dana Brunetti says that the studio may release two versions of the film.

“We could release the R-rated version, which everyone will enjoy, and then for those fans who want to get a little gritty, we can release an NC-17 version,” Dana explained.

Translation: You may not see EVERYTHING in theaters, but the Director's Cut is not something you want to invite mom and grandma over for.

Most likely. To each their own!

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