Woman Eats Only Starbucks For a YEAR, Says it Wasn't That Bad!

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A Seattle mom completed her self-imposed challenge of eating only Starbucks and other stores owned by the coffee giant, like Teavana, for a year.

Yes ... 2013 was The Year of Starbucks for her after she subsisted only on foods and drinks from Starbucks cafes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Beautiful Existence, which appears to be her real name and not just a social media handle, says she’d often thought about taking on such a  task.

She challenged herself to shop only at Goodwill for the entire year of 2011, so this is sort of a thing she does. As for why she went with the Bucks?

B.E.'s sister, a Starbucks employee, had only good things to say, and she liked CEO Howard Schultz’s efforts to foster political and social change.

So when Starbucks launched its Evolution line of juices, soups and salads, "I was convinced that I could do this for an entire year,” said Beautiful, 40.

But Existence, who works in communications at Bellevue College, says the last 365 days weren’t just an endless marathon of pastries and Frappuccinos.

“For the entire year, I had more than enough options,” she said from basic fruits and vegetables to the gourmet. “I had smoked salmon, I had prosciutto.”

Starbucks access was never a problem, even when she was traveling, nor was the nutritional value necessarily, Existence. The only real problems?

She had to celebrate her birthday at Starbucks, and she had to pack "bistro boxes" for family gatherings where she received the obligatory eye rolls.

“A year is a long time in certain terms, but it goes by pretty quickly,” she said. “I’m a pretty dedicated person when I set my sights on finishing something."

The challenge wasn’t cheap. Existence didn’t seek sponsorship from the company, and her Starbucks bill ran between $500 to $600 per month."

“The tally was over $7,000 last year," she said, despite being a rewards member. "And that’s not at all including what other people have bought for me."

Whatever you think of it, the challenge has been completed ... and she's already moved on to 2014's. Her target is REI, another Pacific Northwest company.

She plans to try 89 different recreational sports the outdoor store caters to. Even if those sports take her well out of range from the nearest Starbucks.

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