Octomom: Still on Public Assistance Despite Welfare Fraud Charges?!

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Despite being charged with three felony counts of welfare fraud, Nadya Suleman is still receiving fiscal assistance from the government, a new report says.

“Nadya applied for welfare in Orange County when she moved last year ... she is currently receiving at least $2,000 in benefits monthly,” a source said.



Radar reports that the criminal charges alleging that she illegally collected more welfare than her allotted level haven't stopped her from doing so.

Octomom is capped at pocketing $119,000 in a calendar year (due to the fact that she has 14 dependents, she can collect that robust sum in public aid).

Financial records showed she took home $150,248.77 in 2012, then failed to report $30,000 in earnings while raking in public assistance in 2013.

The single mom had been collecting welfare in Los Angeles County, then moved to Orange County, and continued collecting government assistance.

Says a Nadya Suleman insider of her financial and legal situation:

“She hasn’t had steady employment and relies on welfare to pay her bills. There is no indication at this point that she is under any scrutiny in Orange County.”

All while doing relatively well in her "career" pursuits, if you can call it that, grossing $33,256.77 from her Octomom porn “self-pleasure” film alone.

The 37-year-old also received $58,680 from an Encino, Calif.-based media organization, while another firm forked over $57,499.00 for her services.

Those three sources of income alone pushed Octo well over the limit.

Suleman pleaded not guilty to welfare fraud charges earlier this month, and the DA hopes to reach a settlement with her instead of sending her to prison.

She might want to start by NOT TAKING ANY MORE CHECKS, however.

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