Kate Gosselin is a Sellout, Won't Talk to Her Own Family, Sister Says

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Kate Gosselin is a wannabe celebrity who cut off ties with her family and hasn't talked to her own relatives in years, according to her bitter sister.

Kendra Wilber is speaking out publicly for the first time, claiming she’s heartbroken that she hasn’t seen her eight nieces and nephews in many years.

Kate rejects all attempts at a reconciliation, Kendra says, despite the fact that Wilber lives just a few miles from Gosselin’s home in rural Pennsylvania.

“Kate does not speak to her family at all. It is so very painful… The last time we saw and spoke with her it was in our church parking lot," Wilber said.

"That was years ago, I have lost track of time."

“I guess we weren’t totally on board with what was going on with the kids, I guess we weren’t excited enough for her and were concerned about her family.”

”Years later the divorce came about and we had every right to be," she added, explaining that "there was no conversation and no argument at all."

"I guess we have our own life and she wants a big life and we don’t fit in. We are just normal everyday people and she doesn’t want us to be part of her life.”

Kendra expressed her sadness at not being a part of the Gosselin kids’ lives, hoping they will try to find her on their own when they’re old enough.

“My sister-in-law Jodi [Kreider] and I get talking about the past and we don’t understand what she’s thinking,” Kendra lamented of Kate Gosselin.

“What are we going to tell them? We’ll have to tell them we tried to get hold of their mom, we tried to be part of their life, but we weren’t allowed to be."

"We didn’t leave her, she left us.”

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“It’s very painful and it’s hard when people ask. People who know me ask and it’s so hard because they ask things and I can’t answer because I haven’t seen her."

Looks like Jon Gosselin isn't the only person Kate sabotaged relations with. According to Kendra, Kate doesn’t even speak to her own parents.

“Kate is incredibly charismatic and there were a lot of people who were drawn in and willingly laid down their everyday lives for those kids,” a former pal revealed.

"None of them have any contact with her now. There’s a trail of a lot of hurt people in her wake. I don’t know if Kate even cares about that."

"There were older women in the community who were at her house for three, four, five hours every day for two years. Their lives revolved around the children."

"Now they have no contact with them ... We don’t even know whether the kids know about us or who we are and realize what we did for them.”

Kate and the Gosselin twins and sextuplets live in a sprawling $1.2 million farm house that was bought in 2008 with a $750,000 loan that is due by 2018.

Jon, for his part, is waiting tables in a Pennsylvania pub to make ends meet ... when he's not in Couples Therapy with girlfriend Liz Jannetta, that is.