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Justin Bieber’s home was laid bare by the police last week, as they raided his mansion and reportedly found a great deal of drug paraphernalia on the premises.

Now, however, the singer appears to be laying himself bare in a new Instagram photo, one that features Lil Za catching some ZZZZs and the caption:

“@LilZa u a** leep????”

That is most definitely someone’s exposed rear end on the right side of the photo. Safe to assume it belongs to The Biebs.

Hot stuff, huh, ladies?!?


Bieber took off for a snowboarding trip this weekend with some pals, as he tries to ignore the possible felony charges hanging over his head.

He’s accused of hurling over 20 eggs at his neighbor’s house in Calabasas, with damage allegedly exceeding $20,000 and the District Attorney pondering what sort of charges – if any – to bring against the artist.

Justin Bieber Neighbor Films Egg Tossing Incident

If Bieber does end up in prison… well… he may wanna keep his butt to himself. Especially in the shower. If you get our implication.

What do you think, readers? Is this really Justin’s backside? Is he handling the latest PR crisis well?

And, given ALL that’s gone down with him over the past year, we have a simple question: Do you still like Justin Bieber?