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Dear Justin Bieber: we like you. We’re big fans of your music. And also of your charitable endeavors.

But we have a simple question: What the heck is the matter with you?!?

The singer is involved in yet ANOTHER controversy, and this one is rather inexcusable if it’s accurate: one of Bieber’s neighbors called the police last night because he says Justin was throwing eggs at his house.

Forehead. Slap.

This is the same Calabasas neighbor at whom Bieber allegedly spat many months ago.


According to TMZ sources, the unidentified man stepped out to his balcony around 7:30 p.m. because he heard strange noises. That’s when he witnessed Bieber hurling eggs at his home.

The man, naturally, asked Justin what the Hell he was doing… to which Justin responded by throwing more eggs and then running back into his own house.

The neighbor, who says a minimum of 20 eggs were tossed in his direction, called the Sheriff’s Department and cops took down an incident report. It’s unclear at this time if they spoke to Bieber.

Stay tuned for more on this story.

Justin, meanwhile, is supposedly NOT back together with Selena Gomez. But maybe he ought to be. She seemed to keep him from not acting like a total jerk face grounded.

UPDATE: The neighbor has caught Justin cursing and threatening him on camera. Watch the damning footage now:

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