Justin Bieber Cell Phone Confiscated: What Does It Contain?

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Justin Bieber already lost one friend into the hands of the law this week when police raided his home, found drugs on the premises and arrested Lil Za.

Now, we can confirm that the singer also lost something of equal important during this search warrant execution: his cell phone.

Authorities took the item right out of Justin's hands and are hoping it provides them with evidence that links him to the egging of his neighbor's house.

Perhaps he sent a text to a friend bragging about the incident, they figure.

But Bieber is concerned about the phone being in the hands of Los Angeles County deputies for another reason: there may be drug references/discussions on there that could leak out and destroy his reputation.

And there may also be some naked photos.

Of himself? Of others? Posed? Candid? TMZ sources aren't sure, but they do say Justin is freaking out over the incident.

He should be freaking out over his future as well: with all the damage his egg attack allegedly cost, Bieber could be looking at a felony vandalism charge.

That could land him in jail and then he'll have very different kinds of concerns over his naked body... if you know what we mean.


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