Lil Za Responds to Arrest: Look at My Skin Color!

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For the first time since being arrested for drug possession this week, Lil Za has spoken out and addressed the controversy.

The rapper was taken into custody on Tuesday after police raided Justin Bieber's house, searching for evidence that the singer egged his neighbor's residence a few days prior.

It was initially believed that cops found cocaine belonging to Za inside the house, but reports now indicate it was likely a form of Ecstasy.

“Honestly , the media is making me someone I’m not . But only those in my shoes can relate. … These ppl get paid to make you look bad.” Lil Za wrote on Twitter today. “Some stuff I’ve done has been wrong yes. but look at the position I’m in and the color of my skin. Cocaine? Really?”

Referring to himself in the third person (always a smart move when seeking sympathy), Lil Za added:

“All this time I was home in tx nobody gave a fuck about what Za is doing ..soon as he gets to La he’s all over the news."

We're not entirely sure what that means... but it's true. You get all over the news when your drugs are found inside the house one the country's most popular young singer.

Of course, some believe the white powder is actually the property of Bieber himself.

Drake Bell took to Twitter today and, calling Justin a "little sh-it," told him to man up and admit he's paying Za to take the fall.

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