Cats Fight Kids, Parents Grab Their Phones Instead of Breaking it Up

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Kittens. Kids. It's ON ... and it's like straight up Hunger Games in this video montage, with the children's parents content to watch and film the carnage.

Hey, why intervene and pull the plug on free entertainment?

After all, cats fight back when provoked, and kids are kids. Generally kind but clueless as to how their actions impact others, they will piss you off at times.

The result? A volatile mashup of encounters between human offspring and the furry felines who cohabitate with them. Watch some classic kid vs. cat fights below ...

Fortunately, no one was badly hurt in the above compilation.

The parents who sat around and thought to themselves "oh, I need to get this on YouTube" instead of breaking it up should be especially grateful for this.

In their defense, there was nothing they could do in some of these cases. Cats are like ninjas, lurking silently and stealthily waiting for the moment to strike.

Once that moment arrives, BAM. Straight up choke slam! That woman who kicked snow on a cat knows what we're talking about, only she asked for it.

Check out more crazy cat videos after the jump ...

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