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A Detroit woman allegedly trying to "protect" her pet dog from a stray cat ended up paying a painful price in an amazing viral video making the rounds today.

Short story: Even if you dislike cats, do not attempt to shoo them away by kicking snow in one’s face. Cats possess agile, ninja-like skills and precision.

Don’t make one retaliate. Not worth the risk. If you do, this might happen:

Cat Attacks Woman in Snow

After the cat responds by pouncing on her and mauling her grill, it choke-slams her to the ground like a WWE wrestler before she beats a hasty retreat.

That’s a Top 10 Internet Cat Fight right there … albeit a one-sided one.

Holding her injured head, she leaves the dog she was allegedly "protecting" behind as the cat approaches the unattended fence. WAY TO GO LADY!

Hopefully the dog decided to take heed and let the visitor do its thing. Usually they just wanna prowl and be left alone anyway. No need to start $h!t.

While the woman clearly didn’t expect the cat to attach itself to her face in response to her actions, you can’t blame the critter for reacting like that.

No one likes snow.