Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Why Ain't Y'all Working?

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Phil scared the granddaughters with ghost stories while the Duck Commander guys pulled an all nighter to fill a big order on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4.

The former isn't surprising, as Phil Robertson has been known to raise eyebrows in his everyday speech. Imagine if he gets going and tries to tell spooky tales!

The latter isn't shocking either, except that it entails them working ... mostly. Willie's familiar refrain - “What are y’all doing? Why ain’t y’all working?” - is heard.

Duck Commander was open late this week to fill a major order, but like every week, shenanigans ensued on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4. Often.

The rousing game of cornhole in the warehouse was just the beginning. It was a stray smoke detector's wail that got into the guys' heads ... sort of literally.

Ridiculous as it would sound for any other show to make a mystery smoke detector a key storyline, if you watch Duck Dynasty online, you know it works.

Jase needs to put an end to it, no matter the cost.

“When I hear a sound that’s particularly unpleasant, I gotta put a stop to it," Jase says, obviously lying, as he's never attempted to silence Uncle Si.

We see his point, though. Effin' smoke detectors.

Willie joined him on the hunt, and the night took on a life of its own, ending with Willie falling asleep on the job and getting pranked as you might expect.

As for Phil telling ghost stories? Well ...

He decided to tell the girls about how he once almost murdered Si, who was covered in vomit for some reason. It made little sense but was vintage Phil.

Also, when Jep's daughter was going to get her nails done with Miss Kay, Grandpa Phil bestowed upon her this quote, a pearl of wisdom for the ages:

“Do you know why, Priscilla, you don’t wanna breathe those fumes? You ever seen a dead animal in the road? That’s the way your brain will look.”

Phil Robertson, everyone. The genuine article.

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