Video of Disabled Mannequins Reminds People That Beauty Doesn't Always Mean Perfection

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Amidst the debates about fat-shaming and fit-shaming and often unattainable standards of beauty, one advocacy group is making sure that people know that there's beauty in what others deem imperfect.

Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, launched a campaign to represent real people who live with conditions such as spine malformations and brittle bone disease through disabled mannequins based on the bodies of those living with the physical disabilities.

Their tagline: "Because who is perfect? Get closer."

After the disabled mannequins were created and the models' amazement and happiness at seeing their statuesque representations was documented, Pro Infirmis partnered with a Zurich department store to place the mannequins in the display windows.

With groups such as Curvy Girl Lingerie showing the beauty in normal, non-model bodies, this feels like a natural extension of conversations which are already taking place. 

Nordstrom has long been incorporating various body types, including people with disabilities, in its ad campaigns. British retailer Debenham's featured an amputee in its Spring 2013 catalog and made headlines.