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California-based Curvy Girl lingerie, which manufactures lingerie for plus-sized women, has launched a campaign to remind us that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

In the modeling world, anything over a size 4 is deemed plus-sized while the average American woman is a size 14, and plus-sized models of any size are still models. They’re subject to the same use of photoshop as their non-plus-sized counterparts. Real women in real life do not have photoshop masters following them around every day to make them look, well, unnatural. 

Their bodies are bumpy, soft, and sometimes scarred.

Curvy Girl Lingerie launched their “Regular Woman” campaign to highlight the many shapes and sizes of women’s bodies. Women who’ve found confidence wearing Curvy Girl’s products have submitted photos of themselves wearing the garments to the company to show other women how possible it is to love the skin they’re in.

After launching their campaign, Curvy Girl Lingerie’s Facebook page grew by 3,500 new fans in just 3 days, which the company’s founder calls “touching and empowering.”

However, she says, by being vulnerable, these women have opened themselves up to criticism. “We all know some people will hate on these curvy girls…but you never know who you might help or empower when they see they’re not the only human with cellulite, rolls, scars, saggy breasts, or stretch marks.”

Click on through for more photos of these brave and beautiful women.


Curvy Girl is also in the running for a free Intuit commercial to air during the Superbowl since the big game’s viewers are over 40% female.

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