Usher Blames Bad Justin Bieber Behavior on "More Money, More Problems"

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Justin Bieber found incredible success on the stage in 2013 and hit many obstacles off of it.

There was the pee bucket incident. The stealing of the bicycle in Las Vegas. The many times his bodyguards have been accused of assault. And even some booing at the Billboard Music Awards.

Asked about the tribulations of his protege this week, Usher told The Associated Press "more money" leads to "more problems" and also said Justin has been in a unique position throughout his career.

"There are peaks and valleys in every person’s life," Usher added. "Unfortunately the reality is he has to live with a camera in front of him, but what he chooses to do on or off camera is analyzed or scrutinized in some off way.”

Bieber's good friend and manager, Scooter Braun also admitted the artist had a wild year.

“Pandora’s box was opened," he said at the premiere of Justin's new film. "I mean, he got a little bit into trouble.”

And mother Pattie Mallette chimed in to defend her son, saying he isn't looked at like a regular person - but the new documentary ought to help with that.

“I think sometimes people dehumanize celebrities and I think what’s so great about this movie is that you get to see his humanity," Mallette said.

Justin Bieber's "Believe" opens on Christmas Day. Will you go see it?

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