Airport Security Guard Makes Diving Catch ... of Baby! [VIDEO]

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Typically when you hear the phrase "diving catch," you assume a sporting event is involved. In this case, it was an airport security guard ... catching a baby!

Security agent Grzegorz Paczko was screening passengers at Poland's Katowice Airport last month when he pulled off the amazing feat. Watch:

Closed circuit footage of the catch, recently released online, shows Paczko diving beneath a baby that rolled off the edge of a checkpoint counter.

It's not clear how the baby got to that point in the first place, but wow.

The diving catch happened so quickly, it appeared to surprise the baby's father, who is seen standing right next to the child as he puts on a jacket.

A humble Paczko said the miraculous grab was purely instinctual.

“I noticed the child was sitting on the table and he looked a bit off balance, and then he began to fall forward,” Paczko said, according to the Telegraph.

“I was standing four to five meters away and I realized I had no chance of stopping the fall so I just threw myself along the ground with my arms outstretched."

"It was an instinctive reaction.”

And an impressive one, more than the video or Paczko himself do justice to. Four to five meters away is 12-15 feet ... meaning that was a serious leap!

The guard will receive an extra Christmas bonus for his actions, which is awesome, but he insists he did not feel like he'd done anything special.

“I don’t feel I’ve done anything heroic,” Paczko said. “I’m just glad the child wasn’t hurt. He started to cry when I caught him but his mother soon calmed him down.”